In the Wallet section, users can view their deposit and withdrawal history and the option to top up their wallet and withdraw MTCB tokens. With the Withdraw function, the user can select the desired amount and convert and withdraw the tokens. Several game balances are displayed in the wallet. Main balance is the main balance of the user, on which all game rewards are credited. On this wallet, the functionality of withdrawing funds and transferring them between game wallets is available.
Consumables balance is a wallet that the user uses to replenish game consumables, such as gasoline, repairs, nitro, as well as all additional expenses to improve the characteristics of the bike and spare parts. The funds transferred to this wallet are used exclusively to pay for consumables and improve the performance of bikes and spare parts, they are non-refundable. Functionality is available - deposit of funds. Users can also control their game finances in the History block.After confirming the transaction, the tokens will be automatically credited to the wallet specified by the user.