This functionality enables users to consolidate all their NFTs, achievements in the game, and token balances into a single unique NFT. Users can list this unique NFT for sale on the Crypto-Bike marketplace.
Account NFT have uniqe functions:
  • Buy\Sell
  • Merge two different account
  • Multi transfer in one transaction, different type of token.
AccountFactory - extended ERC721 token contract
  • Proof of the admin - each token has a proxy Account of the contract written behind it, the owner of the token is the owner of the contract Account.
  • Factory - the ability to deploy a new proxy Account contract.
  • Market - the ability to put an account on sale.
Account - Proxy contract. Role
  • Wallet - providing access to tokens/currency
Account State
An abstract contract that has information about the state account. Necessary for safe expansion of functionality.


Modules are a way to extend the functionality of a contract, each module is a contract in which part of the logic resides.
  • AccountERC20 - The logic of interaction with ERC20 tokens.
  • AccountERC721 - The logic of interaction with ERC721 tokens.
  • AccountERC1155 - The logic of interaction with ERC1155 tokens.
  • AccountNativeCurrency - The logic of interaction with the native currency of the blockchain.
  • AccountDelegate - The logic of delegate calls, provides the ability to extend the contract with third-party projects.