The type of race where the player can choose the number of opponents to face. Races with 1, 3, and 5 participants are available. Races are organized, considering the players' level and rank. The reward is in MTCB tokens.


In PVP races, players compete for one on one within their rank.
Two types of races are available in PvP mode:
  • The Death Race involves the player betting on his bike and all its items and components. Upon winning, the winner receives the opponent's bike as a reward.
  • MTCB Race - involves the player placing a bet on their bike to win in MTCB tokens. When a player wins, they receive their opponent's bet. The amount of bet depends on the rank of the bike.


Players must purchase an entry ticket to participate in the Classic Tournament. The initial stage includes qualifying rounds where players are matched based on bike characteristics for a more balanced competition.
Each tournament round consists of 4 racers, with only two advancing to the next round. The players generate the prize pool, with 60% allocated for prizes and 40% for ecosystem support and additional rewards.
The number of participants can range from 16 to 1600, and the tournament is held weekly. Users can track their progress in the tournament through the leaderboard. The game offers three prize-winning positions.


TVT (Team versus Team) is a team-based racing mode. Players can create teams consisting of two or three participants.(TBA)