The Pandami race is a very calm and friendly race of humanoid creatures similar to ordinary pandas. Their main features are: peacefulness, spiritual life and respect for nature. And the main feature of this people is their firm belief in peaceful values.
But despite their peaceful beliefs, the Pandas are known as fearless warriors who are always ready to cover their people and lands with their breasts. Thanks to advanced technology and science, they created special tools to protect everything that was dear to them.

Fearless warriors

Ability Improved handling: You lose less speed when you turn(9%) Due to its nature, you are better able to control when it rains.


The Elian race is one of the most militant races in the entire galaxy. Their strength and will of spirit is amazing.
They spent almost their entire history in endless battles and wars. They fought with themselves for every piece of land suitable for life, and, thanks to this, became the strongest and most respected race.
Ability Need for Speed : You pick up speed faster (4%) Due to its nature you are better able to handle during snowfall.